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Wednesday, February 26, 2014
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Early in the show, newswoman Robin Ophelia Quivers mentioned an article she read about a man who was so upset that his ex-girlfriend was dating a new guy, he broke into her home and drew penises all over the art on her walls.

Robin couldn’t understand why the guy didn’t simply decide to control himself and not love her anymore. When pressed as to what the hell she was talking about, she said that your feelings – love, hate, indifference – are a choice. You choose to fall in love and you can choose to fall out of love.

Gary pointed out that Robin wrote in her smash hit book Quivers: A Life that she fell in love with a married man years ago. Was that a choice? Robin says that was simply a matter of him hanging around her so long that eventually relented.

Robin tried to make the argument that you can control anything that happens inside you emotionally.

If that is the case, Robin has made some very interesting emotional choices over the years.



We put our first ever Wack Pack blog up on the website this morning, and Howard wanted to congratulate and thank Eric the Actor for writing such a passionate piece about acceptance. The problem was, it’s so dense and long that Howard couldn’t get through it.

Still, he appreciated the contribution. Curiously, Eric used much of the post to promote equality and acceptance, specifically towards gay people, and yet he remains unwilling to play a gay character onscreen.

The piece also reveals that Eric is very, very religious. He quotes Bible verses, blasts Scientology as a cult and warns that people who hold ‘hate in their hearts and are not following God's word are all going to end up meeting Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and other awful people in the history of the world’ in hell.

The blog was inspired by a Twitter argument between Eric and Stern Show writer Benjy Bronk over whether private businesses would have the legal right to discriminate. Eric feels they should not, Benjy feels that – although the behavior is reprehensible – legally, they should.

Eric also used his phone call to promote his appearance on FXX’s ‘Legit’ which is nine weeks away, so be sure to remember to watch him.

Now that you know Eric is all political, don't miss his appearance on Leiberman Live today at 4:45p EST on H101



One of the most famous weathermen in America (and there aren’t many) Sam Champion stopped by this morning to talk to Howard about everything from coming out of the closet to his controversial move from Good Morning America to the Weather Channel.

Here are the highlights from Sam’s interview:

Good Morning America recently surpassed the Today Show is ratings (the Today Show had been number one for decades). Sam credits the chemistry between the ‘on-camera family’, GMA was ‘more conversational’ than Today.

Howard pointed out that Champion and his former GMA colleague Robin Roberts have the two highest Q ratings (a likability survey) of anyone on morning TV, and they’re both gay. Sam claimed he doesn’t think about that kind of thing, and his whole approach to being gay is pretty low-key.

It was something of an open secret that Sam was gay long before he came out publicly. He recalled a time in the 1990s when many New York radio shows (including Howard’s) would talk about this weatherman who was in the closet and hitting up gay clubs. He knew they were talking about him, but didn’t seem all that bothered by it.


When he met Rubem Robierb, the man who would become his husband, he still wasn’t planning on sitting down for any big interview and announcing ‘I’m gay!’ At a wedding, Sam and Rubem were having a good time and someone asked ‘Are you two getting married?’ Sam responded yes and that was his public ‘coming out.

He didn’t clear it with anybody at ABC, and it didn’t really cause him any problems. Coming out to his family, however, was different. He told his parents he was gay in his late twenties and his father, a retired colonel, had issues dealing with it. They didn’t speak for two years, but he eventually came around.

He left Good Morning America when the show was on top (it still is), for the Weather Channel. He also occasionally does guest spots on GMA’s rival the Today Show, but claimed that it wasn’t any kind of f*ck you to his old family. Howard theorized that NBC was freaking out about being number two and wanted to hire Sam away and break up the chemistry on Good Morning America. Sam said NBC owns part of the Weather Channel, but they aren’t the major decision makers.  

Be sure to check out Sam’s new show AMHQ on The Weather Channel beginning Marck 17th, and follow Sam on Twitter.




Howard and Robin talked about Scott Shannon leaving WPLJ after 22 years.

A healthy-sounding Sam Simon called in from Japan to promote his work saving dolphins and recommended the documentary The Cove.

Howard parents, Ben and Ray Stern, still go to Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs every year on their anniversary.


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