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The Wrap-Up Show is a radio show that follows the day’s live edition of The Howard Stern Show on Howard 100. Hosted by Jon Hein with Gary Dell’Abate, the show allows members of the show’s staff and listeners to call in to discuss the day’s show events, topics and discussions.

The Wrap Up Show is also LIVE on Thursday's and Friday's - right after the first Howard Stern Show replay of the day.  So call 888-STERN-100 to talk about the Howard Stern Show all week long!


FROM TODAY'S wrap up show (3/27/14)

Today on an all new, LIVE Wrap Up Show with Jon Hein and Gary Dell'Abate!

How long did Medicated Pete linger and how does it affect everyone?


Why does King of all Blacks get under Ronnie & Gary’s skin?


Does Joan Rivers hold grudges and how did she feel about the late David Brenner?



wrap up show (3/10/14)

JD was told today he's been offered the chance to guest direct an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  The aspiring director was less than enthused at the news - focusing (in his typical way) on the negatives more than the positives.

While Gary and Jon tried to get to the bottom of JD's issues Jason stepped in with some 'tough love' (at least that's what he would call it, others would call it 'being a whiny, jealous, douche bag') and told everyone to stop pandering to JD, he's a grown man who is either going to follow his dreams or not and doesn't need to be hand-held anymore.

What do you think?

Also, Gary and Jon discuss the 'silent treatment" that Howard said Beth gave him this weekend.  Which begged the question - could Gary ever give Howard the silent treatment?  

The short answer, no. The long answer, hell no!

WRAP UP SHOW (3/5/14)

Underdog Lady gets Shuli and his wife a gift for their new baby.  She made it herself (it took her months) and she sent Shuli very specific instructions on how to care for it.


Also from today's show, we heard about Jon Hein and Steve Brandano's "band".  They covered "Breakdown" and other rock classics - none of which have been released. But while there is no album, there is an album cover!

TODAY ON THE wrap up show (3/3/14)

- Is it fair to measure Adam Carolla’s success against Jimmy Kimmel’s and Dr. Drew’s?

- When Howard’s time comes will he be included in the Oscars “In Memoriam”?

Who broke Howard’s guitar?

- Has Sal learned his lesson from taking porn-star named vitamins?


Sal's Vitamin Bag

- Which late night talk show will Howard appear on since he’s now friends with all the hosts?

- Underdog Lady has an ear wax problem



Sam Champion – Did the Today show steal him away and why does everyone love their weatherman?

Scott the Bowler – Why doesn’t Scott treat his job the way he treats bowling? Will this challenge happen?

David Arquette – Does David practice what he preaches when it comes to treating celebs and non celebs the same?

Sam Simon – Is Sam’s passion keeping him alive and should you not swim with the dolphins?

Eric the Actor – Are there any words that can describe his blog and does he regret not coming to the Birthday Bash?



WRAP UP SHOW (2/27/14)

Sal was on Law and Order SUV last night and many people thought his teeth looked ridicoulous.  What do you think? Is Sal the new Horse Toothed Jackass?

The staff remembers Harold Ramis

the gary-vegetable poll!

today on the wrap up show (2/26/14)

Sam Champion explains his morning move from GMA to the Weather Channel

Robin insists that you are always in control of your emotions

Sam Simon checks in from Japan as he saves dolphins

Howard has to leave dinner with Rosie O’Donnell early

Scott Shannon’s radio move gets Howard thinking about Meg Griffin

Who is the brighter bulb – Nicole from Hits 1 or Sal Governale?

Eric the Actor is blogging and arguing with Benjy

Howard’s parents aren’t leaving their house for Florida or the Birthday Bash

Robin's NAACP acceptance speech was finally made!

the wrap up show (2/25/14)

Sal the Stockbroker is obsessed with his "frenulum" and kept showing the staff pics of his penis to explain what it was

Benjy explains what a "Mikveh" is after Mayim Bialik said she does them on the air

Gary finally tries a vegetable - spinach!.  Plus, Gary has a kinship with Mr. Skin.

Medicated Pete has been spending more time at Sirius and Gary never knows what to talk to him about. The guys discuss the one topic that Pete can discuss at length.


Jon Hein and Gary Dell'Abate will discuss and take your calls on some of the topics from today's show, including:

Doctor Agus, who saved Robin, tells us all how to lead a healthy life

David Arquette feels we’re all equal, but does he practice what he preaches?

Howard has a looooong AGT filled weekend

Scott the Engineer pro bowling career isn't going anywhere, but he is taking on staff challenges for cash


Robin’s microphone isn’t working right. SCOTT!!!

Robin graciously accepts her NAACP Image Award

Piers Morgan is gone and Howard isn’t looking for the CNN job



Gary & Jon discussed trying to read Howard’s mood before the show starts. Gary said there’s nothing worse than seeing your name on Howard’s piece of paper and wondering what’s going to come up on that day’s show.

Scott Salem called in from the PBA Masters with no ambient sound from the lanes. Scott paused to bowl and rolled a turkey (three strikes in a row), but no bowling sounds could be heard.

Jon, Gary & Jason detailed what they do to sacrifice for their better halves. JD wouldn’t have a problem being interested in a possible girlfriend’s interests, but would not be willing to watch reality TV shows that she might like.


JD will do anything for love, but he won't do that (watch bad reality TV)

Gary recalled a party where Stuttering John ordered his wife around to do everything as he watched Gary help out with the kids.  Of course, John brought this up on the air and it added to Gary’s “wimpiness” with his wife and children.

Sal explained how he coaches his kids to “not say anything” when his wife is upset and freaking out at home.

Will got plenty of advice from Gary, Jon and Sal when dealing with the frustration of raising young kids at home, but none would recommend using a leash to keep track of the children.


Today on the Wrap Up Show the big topics are:

- Seth Meyers interview

- JD's love for Danielle Fishel (aka Topanga from Boy Meets World) who is also a guest on tonight's Leiberman Live

- Howard and Robin question the "two screen experience".  What do you think?

And more! Call 888-STERN-100


Gary can't believe Howard is using an old school pen you have to fill with ink, especially after Howard gave him such grief for still listening to vinyl records.

Ronnie goes into (way too much) detail about his bathroom habits and his unending, unbroken doodies.

Howard's learning the guitar. Does he have the patience for it?  Gary and Jon debate.

tuesday, JANUARY 14TH

- JD is filled with stress and anxiety over the Birthday Bash.  He was even complaining the shoes Ronnie bought them (when Ronnie bought him a suit) weren't any good.  In a suprsing move, Jon Hein took on the role of shit-stirrer by claiming JD also hated the suit Ronnie bought him.  JD swears not true.

- If hearing dirty, graphic sex tips from your grandpa is your thing, then this was another show for you!  Ronnie waxed poetic about the right ways to get anal, how to tell if a girl is clean and how he ALWAYS knows when a girl is satisfied.


monday, january 13th

- Jon and Gary get to the bottom of the Scott the Engineer f*ck up from this morning where he couldn't get Fred's harmonizer to work.

- Benjy got Howard a birthday gift but explained he wants to get everyone a gift.  He just over thinks everything and freezes up.  He swears he's been planning on buying Gary a gift for the last five years.

- Ronnie gets overly sexual...again.


CLICK  to see pics from the Wrap Up Show's broadcast at CES 2014 here!

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