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June 22, 2013

Tarzan the Cat

meet tarzan


                                                        tarzan the cat-1


This guy’s name is Tarzan.  I named him. When he first got here I didn’t feel that attached.  By the second day he was the one who climbed all over me and settled into my lap. 

We are fostering six cats and all of them have so much energy that they are flying all over the place, but Tarzan seemed to break away from the pack to spend time rolling on me and sleeping.  In the photo above, Tarzan took a break from me and settled in with Beth.  

These six kittens (weighing in at under two pounds apiece) we are fostering and preparing for adoption will be ready to move to their permanent  family as soon as they are spayed and neutered (about two weeks.)  Not sure it will be so easy to let one of you have Tarzan. 

He might need to live here.  He’s a good boy.

To learn more about adopting kittens and other animals visit North Shore Animal  If you're interested in the cats I'm fostering, email us at Adopt the Kittens

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