Jason Kaplan

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Jason Kaplan

Senior Producer / Website Supervisor

Jason loves many things: his wife, his pets, his meals.  But Jason’s true passion is the Howard Stern Show.  Starting as an intern alongside fellow Stern Show producer Will Murray, Jason has gone on to accomplish many things.  He now hosts and/or produces such shows as Superfan Roundtable, Back Office Radio, GEEKTIME! and The Fat Guy Show.  He is in charge of all things web and recently, was named JD Harmeyer’s boss by Howard himself.

Jason was born and raised in New Jersey where he still lives with his wife Janis.  Jason has stated that he doesn’t want kids for fear of how “ugly” his offspring might be.  He may not have gotten this far on his looks, but Jason Kaplan has proven himself a truly vital member of The Howard Stern Show. 

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