John Stamos

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John Stamos

His face is as handsome as Howard’s penis is small. 

John Stamos is more than just a regular guest on the Stern Show; he’s also a close friend of Howard’s.  So close in fact that the two shared an “intimate” evening together once with Beth Stern and John’s ex-wife Rebecca Romijn.  That night has been brought up several times on-air and the details are always unclear.  What we do know is that the foursome was drinking, which lead to dancing, which lead to everyone taking their pants off.  And Howard has the Polaroids to prove it!

Now single, Stamos seems to be constantly bedding an endless list of hot chicks, and then talking about it with Howard.  So long as he's willing to share the details of his sex life, John will always be welcome on the Stern Show.  

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