Lisa G

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Lisa G

Reporter – Howard 100 News 

She’s been shoving her microphone in the faces of Stern Show guests and staffers since 2005.  But before joining the Howard 100 News team, Lisa G was throwing it down with members of the hip-hop community on New York’s Hot 97 – quite an accomplishment for a little white girl from Long Island. 

Lisa’s musical expertise doesn’t stop at hip-hop though.  She has played the violin as a member of the Adult Chamber Music Program at the Lucy Moses School of Music for 6 years now.  Despite multiple requests from Howard, Lisa has never agreed to play on-air.  Lisa also loves baking cookies and making money.  In 2012, she combined those interests to form the Lisa G Cookie Party – an event where fans paid to hang out with Lisa and eat her baked goods.  Her autobiography, Sex, Lies & Cookies, is due out in May. 

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