Robin Quivers

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She’s funny, well spoken and famously big-breasted.  Despite being the only girl in an all boys club, Robin Quivers has held her own on the Stern Show for more than 30 years.  Robin knew the moment she met Howard that theirs was going to be an extraordinary partnership. 

A native of Baltimore, Robin graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in nursing.  Before breaking into radio, Robin served in the U.S. Air Force rising to the rank of Captain.  It was in 1981 that Robin was hired by DC 101 to read the news during the station’s morning show, hosted by a young Howard Stern.  The King had met his Queen and the two have stayed at each other’s sides ever since.

 A list of Robin’s hobbies would stretch for miles.  Throughout the years, she has discovered interests in everything from wine tasting to racecar driving.  Nothing scares Ms. Quivers; she even purchased a speedboat regardless of the fact that she cannot swim.  With her strong will, impeccable timing and thunderous laugh, Robin Quivers will go down as one of the highest regarded women in broadcasting history.  She continues to provide millions of Howard Stern Show fans with laughs, erections and the best damn newscast on radio.  And that’s what’s happening!

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