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APRIL 29, 2004: Kyle the Limbless Wrestler

APRIL 29, 2004: Kyle the Limbless Wrestler

The Howard Stern Show might not be known for having many inspirational guests on the air, but Kyle Maynard was a true inspiration to everyone when he visited on this day in 2004. Kyle, a wrestler with no limbs, came on the show and talked about how he got into wrestling, how he uses his strength to knock his opponents over and pin them to the mat, and how he lost the first 40 matches he competed in but didn't give up the sport. Gary also told Howard how he wasn't sure how to shake Kyle's hand since he didn't have one.
  • We all adore you and you know it.

    Robert Downey Jr.
  • I think Howard will be remembered as a revolutionary, not just in radio or television, but as a pioneer of freedom of speech.

    Sarah Silverman
  • As a friend, [Howard’s] always there to support you whether you’re on top of the world or the world is on top of you.

    John Stamos
  • Howard, to me, is the guy who said, ‘be yourself and let the chips fall where they may,’ and that made me feel good. So I owe you a lot, Howard.

    Louis C.K.
  • Howard, you are absolutely phenomenal. You’re on my radio every morning.

    Bryan Cranston