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November 29, 1994: The Great ROSEANNE BARR

November 29, 1994: The Great ROSEANNE BARR

On this date in 1994, one of the biggest sitcom stars in the world, Roseanne Barr, stopped by while she was in town to host "Saturday Night Live." Roseanne talked about life on Prozac, breaking up with Tom Arnold, and groping a girl under a tree when she was 12 .She even got into detail about her time as a prostitute, but she was a little fuzzy – she remembers working in a feminist bookstore during the day and being a lady of the night, well, at night. She told Howard that she charged about $40 for an encounter.
  • Howard, you are absolutely phenomenal. You’re on my radio every morning.

    Bryan Cranston
  • Howard, to me, is the guy who said, ‘be yourself and let the chips fall where they may,’ and that made me feel good. So I owe you a lot, Howard.

    Louis C.K.
  • As a friend, [Howard’s] always there to support you whether you’re on top of the world or the world is on top of you.

    John Stamos
  • Howard, it was one of the great hours of all the years I’ve spent on the air.

    Larry King
  • Howard's an icon of the radio business. One of the bigs of all time. And there's a reason for it...he’s an original.

    Jon Bon Jovi