Howard Thanks Team USA Wrestler for His Epic 'Baba Booey'

Athlete Jake Herbert gave the Stern Show a shoutout during the Olympics' Opening Ceremony

Howard got Team USA wrestler Jake Herbert on the line to thank him for yelling out "Baba Booey" during the Olympics' Opening Ceremony, calling Jake "an American hero."

Jake said he was actually only in London for the ceremonies -- he's since traveled to Russia to continue his training: "Wrestling's such a tough sport, we have to train up until the day--up until the event."

He'll return to London later this week. Jake hoped Olympic success would make him worthy of an in-studio visit: "I'm looking to get gold and [hope] that will get me on the purple Howard Stern couch. That's the whole goal of this all. People are going to ask me why I'm wrestling. Most people say 'It's for my parents, my country.' I'm going to say 'I'm doing it for Howard Stern.'"

Howard said he'd be welcome anytime: "It was a beautiful moment, Jake, and I want to thank you for that."