Cat Adoptions with Beth!

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Cat Adoptions with Beth!

Updated 9/3/13

Order Beth Stern's 2014 North Shore Animal League Calendar here, photographed by Howard Stern!

The first 1,000 sold will be signed by Beth and Howard. All proceeds go to a very special project to Howard and Beth - Bianca's Furry Friends. Click for more info.

And to apply for a pet of your own, email us here, and tell us about yourself, your home, and why you want to adopt a cat or dog!

To see all the wonderful people who have already adopted pets fostered by Howard and Beth check out the Bianca's Furry Friends Facebook Page.

Beth has picked up 2 more litters to foster and we're accepting applications here!

There are 4 of "Kitna's" kittens available.  Kitna was a blind cat who was saved from a kill shelter when she was pregnant with 4 babies.  You can read her story on North Shore Animal

If you'd like a kitten, pleaes make sure to apply. Beth and the North Shore Animal League will review each one and find the best family for the foster kitties.

Kitna's Kittens include Molly & Jimmy and Zoey & Cookie.

And check back soon as Beth has another brother/sister duo named Linus and Lucy who will be ready in 2 weeks!

Also, Winnie, Benny & Norton (Mama Grace's kittens) are still available.

Apply for your kitten here! Tell us about yourself, why you want a kitten and include your contact info.  Thanks!






Cookie, Jimmy and Molly

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