Bob Lefsetz Applauds Lady Gaga for Choosing Howard First

The "Artpop" singer made sure to kick her media tour off with the King of All Media

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Music industry and media critic Bob Lefsetz - allegedly the subject of Taylor Swift's song 'Mean' - was so inspired by Lady Gaga's appearance on the show this week that he devoted a whole column to the power of the Howard Stern Show.

He applauded the singer for being "smart enough to do Stern first." Lefsetz was refreshed that a huge pop star chose the long-form, uninterrupted interview that Howard conducts as the beginning of her media tour to promote her new album 'ARTPOP.'

"Howard Stern is the go-to place to promote your product. Because not only do his fans listen, they buy."

"So this is the new paradigm," Lefsetz writes. "You hype your product the day it comes out on Howard Stern's radio show, where you demonstrate you've got real talent by playing live. It's your first best choice."