Stern Show Weekly (Issue 4)

Stern Show Weekly (Issue 4)

We're pleased to introduce to you to a new feature on Howard - The Howard Stern Show Weekly! Written by superfan and freelance columnist Tanya Edwards  the Weekly will highlight some of the best moments from the past week and include more links and information for the superfan in all of us.  All opinions expressed are Tanya's.




There's nothing we can say here about Eric the Actor's amazing return to Twitter that wasn't covered on the show, in the rundown or by an amazing show coming to Broadway soon, but we just want to remind Eric to never stop being Eric.

Also, if you stop by his Twitter page, he's apparently back tweeting again all the time, both in all caps, and surprisingly not. There's a completely normal, level-headed discussion of the Oakland A's new signings happening, but we know that won't last.



Since the show was wasn't live last week, we didn't get to hear much about the Letterman appearance, except discussions on the Wrap Up Show.

On Monday Howard talked a little bit about Dave going off on Brad Grey, and we found the reasons why Dave doesn't like hanging out with management really interesting. Dave has never met Brad Grey, who is the Chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures, but Howard explained a lot of creative people don't like or trust management because they often have limited creative vision.  For example, at one point a programming director didn't want to tape Howard's show because buying tapes was too expensive.

However, a really great person on the business side can work hand-in-hand with talent and help them develop creative ideas and help package them. Howard cited Fran Shea, former president of E! Entertainment Television (she headed content on E! - previously working to develop Howard's E! show, True Hollywood Story, Talk Soup, and is in no way responsible for the Kardashians) and Judith Regan, the editor and publisher of Howard's books (She also discovered author Wally Lamb, and published books from Jenna Jameson, Jim McGreevey  and now hosts a show on SiriusXM) as two people on the business side who got him and brought something to the table.

Howard is totally spot on here, and it's true in almost any industry -- there are the people who make something -- radio, lug-nuts, computers, whatever -- and the people who keep everything else moving. So relax Dave and just dance with Howard. 


Robin announced today, after trashing the Hunger Games movies (wrong, so wrong) that she can't trust Rotten Tomato reviews.

Robin, you know that the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes are averaged out reviews culled from top film critics across the country -- like friend of the show Richard Roeper, as well as critics from The Atlantic, NPR and many more -- which create a percentage score to guide moviegoers? And there is also a score from real people who've actually seen the film, to balance out those movies that are crowd pleasers.

Robin, you can't always disagree with every critic in the country and everyone who went to the movies, can you? Oh wait, yes you can, you can do whatever you want.  We love you and are so happy you're back.  But we could have done without your glowing reccomendations of Hitch and Last Action Hero.


Film critic and friend of the show Richard Roeper gave the Hunger Games sequel an A, contributing to the high critics score on Rotten Tomatoes and apparently mystifying Robin


It truly is a man's world, at least for some dopey women. During the news, Howard and Robin talked about how Charles Manson has a kind-of-hot 25 year-old girlfriend named Star and they're getting married. Well, maybe. 

"I'll tell you straight up, Charlie and I are going to get married," Star told Rolling Stone" When that will be, we don't know. But I take it very seriously. Charlie is my husband. Charlie told me to tell you this. We haven't told anybody about that.

Manson, however had a different take. "That's a bunch of garbage. You know that, man. That's trash."

Sorry Charlie, is anyone else asking for your hand? Also, this chick just shaved her head and carved a cross on her forehead. To quote Ralph, "That's not hot."

Sadly, this is not the first (and probably not the last) time we'll hear of some nutty person marrying a convicted murderer. For some bizarre reason, a certain kind of person will send love letters to men and women on death row, and often marry them. Famous serial killers who married in prison include Richard Ramirez "The Night Stalker," who killed at least 13 people, Susan Atkins, another member of the "Manson Family" (married twice!), Ted Bundy, who fathered a child with the woman he married while in prison, both of the Menendez brothers (one twice!) and many, many more. Leiberman should do a about these wackos. 



So Bobo finally went for his cancer test, which involved getting a catheter inserted into his 7" dick (wow, really could have lived several lifetimes, even as a turtle, without knowing about Bobo's dick size).

First, we're glad Bobo doesn't have bladder cancer. Second, we can't believe he had his wife in the room and tried to be macho while they were putting a tube up his dick. There are some things you have to go at alone, and getting a catheter in any part of your privates is one of them. Third, the process he had is called a cystoscopy, which means a tiny camera goes up your dick. So that's awesome. Also, according to the Mayo Clinic, yep, only a local anesthetic is used.

Fun! Feel better Bobo!


If this is what "being okay" means to Bobo then we're glad Bobo is going to be okay


The Rolling Stone Top 50 albums of 2013 is out, and Howard and Robin discussed them briefly, with Howard wondering if he should get the Vampire Weekend album ranked at number one (Nope. It's a great album, but not for Howard).

We spoke with Courtney E. Smith, music writer and author of Record Collecting for Girls, and writer/producer for CBS', about her thoughts on the annual list. She got all music critic on us, and we love it.

"Rolling Stone’s Top 50 Albums of 2013 list is out to prove that Rolling Stone doesn’t think rock and roll is entirely a young man’s game. Their top 10 include new releases from Creedence’s John Fogerty (apparently as a credit to his songwriting influence on everyone important in modern country) and Paul McCartney," said Smith.

"The other thing it wants to prove is that all those indie bands who broke last decade have some permanence. You’ve got some of the best breakouts of the 2000s in there, from The National to the Arcade Fire to Arctic Monkeys (with what is genuinely their best album ever) to their pick for the No. 1 slot: Vampire Weekend. I don’t include Queens of the Stone Age on that list of 2000s wonders, because their origins are of an entirely different world, but their inclusion does round out a very rock-ist and overwhelmingly male list.

"Filling both the female and the breakout new artist slot that any formulaic list requires is Lorde, whose debut album is going to be much lauded and awarded this year but is less an amazing album and more a few amazing singles. Then they’ve got Daft Punk at No. 3, acting as a hybrid of pop, hipster and dance music and Kanye West as the token hip hop album, which gives Drake (let’s be real, he was the only other viable option for the slot) the shaft and sticks him way back at No. 14 on the list.


The great Sir Paul McCartney will always have a place on any Rolling Stone list

"What sticks out to me about this list is that the biggest musical trends of the year, from EDM [electronic dance music -- the stuff JD likes] to female pop stars to viral video hits (“What Does The Fox Say?," Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, “Harlem Shake”) end up being under or not represented. Rolling Stone aren’t wrong to exclude them," Smith explains.

"The reason this list is so rock-ist is because those are the people who still operate in the album format. Everyone else is back to releasing singles, like 45s, jukeboxes and the sheet music publishing companies intended."

"So with that in mind, their top 10 isn’t too far off from being right," Smith concedes. "John Fogerty is inexcusably wrong, obviously, and Paul McCartney is your annual reminder from Jann Wenner that The Beatles were the greatest band ever. Arcade Fire are the new Radiohead, going into the top slots no matter what they put out or if you like it/get it.

"Personally, I think they put Vampire Weekend at No. 1 just to piss off Kanye West and see if they could bait him into mentioning it in an interview rant. And everyone else are just collecting their acknowledgements for operating in a format of music whose popularity is presently on the wane."

Got it? Good, take that to a party this weekend and you'll be the smartest music nerd in the room, unless you're partying with Gary. 


In other music news, Phil Collins is apparently thinking about resuming his career. We're hopeful that this is due to the ongoing trend of hipsters celebrating Phil Collins Day, because random holidays are awesome (except for Santa Con and Hoboken St. Patrick's Day, those are the worst).

This started a conversation about Collins' song "In the Air Tonight" and how it was long enough (5:36 and 4:57 for the 7" version) to pee, but that was about it. Back when radio stations had DJ's in their studios picking the bulk of the playlists for their own shows, almost every DJ had a couple of "poop songs" they would play when they needed to make a long trip to the bathroom to take a dump. Especially if reps were dropping off big bags of bowel relaxing blow.


Need to make a poop-list on your iPhone? Here's a few goodies clocking in over 10 minutes.

  • Pink Floyd "Echoes"
  • Jimi Hendrix "Voodoo Chile"
  • Television "Marquee Moon"
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd "Free Bird"
  • Jane's Addiction "Three Days"

Or just check out this list from Yahoo Music



Kirstie Alley made her first appearance on the show today to promote her new show, Kirstie, and the interview was - no surprise, very entertaining - Kirstie has always been a big personality and has had a pretty fascinating life. She was super charming and seemed to really hit a groove with Howard. We're jealous of her Patrick Swayze make-out sesh (sigh) and love her for having no time for small peen.

Sure the big news to come out of the interview was her comments on Leah Remini and Scientology, but what really grabbed our attention? Stories about John Travolta, pilot of a fleet of jets.

BTW - remember John showing up on Oprah all dressed up in a vintage pilot uniform?  

Kirstie explained to Howard she had been scared to fly, but she went out with John on one of his private jets for a flight and told him she was freaked out and wanted to land. John said, "So we'll land." And that let her feel in control, but she only flew private for quite a while after that, because she knew she could ask the pilots to land any time she wanted to. 

John reportedly has a fleet of at least five jets (Forbes reports eleven!), including a Boeing 707 that was once owned by Frank Sinatra and a landing strip at his home in Florida. The 707 is named "Jett Clipper Ella" and is often piloted by John on promotional trips to Australia sponsored by Quantas (who presumably paid for the trip Oprah's audience took) as part of his "Ambassador-at-Large" role for the airline. His other planes are reported to be Gulfstream and Lear jets. No big deal. He's just randomly got a ton of jets parked around his house like you've got cars. And you probably don't have five cars.

The rough operating cost for John's classic 707 (it's an older plane, and one pilots describe as "thirsty") is $9,300 an hour (that's fuel costs).

What we're getting at here is that John Travolta probably blew around 10 grand to get Kirstie over here fear of flying.  That's a pretty good friend.


Tanya Edwards is a writer and editor who has written for Glamour as the lead writer for the Conversation and iVillage as a daily contributer.  For more information, visit her website Superfan Media and follow her on Twitter @MissTanya