The Howard100 News Headlines for February 25, 2013

The Howard100 News Headlines for February 25, 2013

Howard 100 News takes you behind the scenes of a thrilling Monday on the Howard Stern Show as the Staff Newlyweird Game takes over Studio 69. This fascinating competition pits Ronnie Mund and his stunning girlfriend Stephanie, against Sal Governale and his beautiful wife Christine, against Benjy Bronk and the gorgeous Elisa Jordana. Howard 100 News has the latest on this controversial competition

Howard Stern gives his always insightful take on the 85th Academy Awards and Howard 100 News brings you the latest. Plus, in a wild turn of events actor and Celebrity Superfan David Arquette takes the Interview Room at the Oscars by storm, asking poignant questions on behalf of the Howard Stern Show. The Howard Stern Channels thanks the loyal and talented David Arquette for his hard work and dedication.

Gary & Jon Hein made the VH1 debut Thursday night with their rock & roll/ pop culture collectibles show, "For What It's Worth". Their first show took them to Nashville where they talked vinyl with rocker Jack White. Jon & Gary threw a viewing party Thursday for friends & co-workers and the two will also appear on Rachel Ray later today.

With a poor performance at the USBC Masters in New Jersey. Scott averaged a 170 landing him in the bottom ten percent of all bowlers. Howard 100 News reporter Jon Leiberman was on the scene to catch all the action.

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