Ronnie's Girlfriend Stephanie Writes a Poem

Howard's limo driver isn't the only one penning poems

Us - by Stephanie Carney

I was bartending away with my plans in hand

Then suddenly intruded this man

When he makes me laugh he brings me to tears

So what if there is 33 years

Instead of dreams of a wild bachelorette for life

It turned into dreams of a partner for life

As he wooed me with his mysterious woman wispering ways

They engulfed me and I knew I would always have a place to stay

We are not really all that risque

Its just our forte to seam that way

I dutch oven him all the time

We're the best during our downtime

Living with the Mund is an adventurous time

With memories that will last a lifetime

What more can I say

I love when I make him go to broadway

I couldn't have planed a better unpredictable, crazy, non-stop, normal life

Maybe some day he'll make me his WIFE