Bill Hader Honors a Special Request

The "SNL" vet brought back Howard's favorite sketch

Bill Hader Honors a Special Request

Howard is a big Saturday Night Live and an even bigger Bill Hader fan. When Bill was on the show to promote hosting SNL this week Howard had a special request - please bring back the Puppet Class guy. Bill told Howard there was no plans to do the sketch but if we see it, it's because Howard asked for it.

Well fans of the Granada Puppet can thank Howard because he asked for it, and Bill brought it back in a big way!

Bill Hader talked a ton of Saturday Night Live on the show this week...listen here!

Love it @digmuzak: @HowardStern u must b thrilled! Hader went "puppet"! #SNL"

— Howard Stern (@HowardStern) October 12, 2014