JD's Top Five Fox Personalities

UPDATE: ANNA KOOIMAN responds to the Howard 100 News about making JD's list!

JD's list of the Top 5 Hottest FOX News Personalities*

*on the air as of October 2014

by JD Harmeyer

Every news channel or news team these days seems to have hot female reporters and anchors. The one news station that I believe started this trend was the FOX News Channel. And even though I don't agree with a lot of the opinions expressed on FOX News, I DO agree with their hiring practices. So now, here are my top 5 picks for Hottest FOX News personality:

#5 - Dana Perino

#94935276 / gettyimages.com

Former White House Press Secretary turned FOX News Hottie. She is one of the current co-hosts of "The Five" and unfortunately, they put her in the middle so her legs are hidden. But she's beautiful. She's even grown her hair out longer and it looks great. I was lucky enough to see her at Chipotle once and man, did she look great.

#4 - Heather Nauert

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Another blonde beauty. In between Obama bashing interviews, she gives the news updates on "FOX and Friends". They make her stand up so you can see every inch of her hotness.

#3 - Maria Molina #455665015 / gettyimages.com

If you're having a Hurricane barreling toward your home, you'll feel a little bit better hearing the news from this hot "FOX and Friends" meteorologists who wears some of the tightest tops I've seen.

#2 - Julie Banderas #488706321 / gettyimages.com

The hottest brunette on the network. She seems to have a case of "resting bitch face" but that just adds to her hotness. Beautiful woman. I also saw her at Chipotle once.

#1 - Anna Kooiman #455665175 / gettyimages.com

By far, the hottest chick EVER on FOX News. Blonde. Beautiful. Into Fitness. God bless Anna Kooiman.