Scott Salem Sitting Alone: A Gallery

Scott Salem Sitting Alone: A Gallery


Scott 'the Engineer' Salem is many things. He is the most famous audio engineer in the world, he is short-tempered, he is bald, he is a bowler, and he is a smoker. But he's also a bit of a lone cowboy. We went through our extensive archive and most pictures of Scott showed him sitting by himself, with no one to talk to. Here, for your pleasure, is a gallery of Scott 'the Engineer' Salem, sitting alone.

As you can see, his moody outlaw persona started early in life, when he still (almost) had hair.

He seems pretty happy with only himself to talk to.

Even when he opened his own small business - Rockit Entertainment - he was not a big networker, preferring to hang solo.

Did he come alive and mingle during remote broadcasts? No.

As he aged, his personality remained the same.

Even at 'Social Functions', Scott bucked the trend.

Even at the A-list Birthday Bash, Scott sat by himself and focused.

When everybody is rejoicing and dancing with holiday cheer, Scott says 'no way'.

But at least he finds himself entertaining.

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