Scott Salem: 'The Most Fascinating Person of 2014'

Hear why Howard Stern holds the engineer in such high regards

It's that time of year ... when finally reveals our Most Fascinating Person of 2014!

We could've gone in many directions: newswoman Robin Quivers made many revelations - getting high in Amsterdam, kissing her own breast, finally being medically cleared for sex. Howard, of course, was as fascinating as ever. Even Stern Show writer Benjy Bronk was interesting as he took his through his failing relationship with - you know what? Never mind about Benjy.

But we all voted and the Most Fascinating Person of 2014 is - once again - SCOTT 'THE ENGINEER' SALEM!

Yes, yes, this has been a banner year for Scott. Let's take a look at why 2014 was really his year:

He started smoking again!

But we all saw that coming.

He might be at fault for the terrible chemical spray that almost killed Howard!

One morning a few months ago, Howard was pissed right at the top of the show because his console had been sprayed down and his throat was burning from the chemical smell still lingering. He almost left, but somehow he managed to stick it out.

He revealed himself to be a serial car thief!

During an on-air discussion about how both Gary Dell'Abate and Richard Christy had both stolen cars in their youths to go joyriding - Scott one-upped everyone with his story: He and his friend would steal a car EVERY DAY of the school week to drive from Brooklyn to Queens before abandoning the vehicle.

He almost stiffed the one group of guys who choose to hang out with him!

Scott is a founding member of the Emotional Friends Fantasy Football League with other staffers on the show. But this year we learned he was the only one not to pay league dues, despite being asked multiple times. It wasn't until Howard embarrassed him on air that he finally paid up.

And the greatest achievement of all: He gave his Secret Santa - a brand-new young staffer - a $25 gift card when the limit was $50!

His excuse was that he didn't even think about it until the last minute, which in now way accounts for only spending 50% of what everyone else spent.

Among many many other screw ups that are part of Scott's daily work routine, these above incidents made it a particularly special year for Scott. This is why we voted him THE Most Fascinating Person of 2014!

Congratulations Scott!