Fox Anchor Anna Kooiman Rates the Stern Show Staff

Lovely TV personality returns the favor and shares her thoughts on the HSS men

The attractiveness of the female Fox News Anchors has long been a bonding topic between Howard and JD Harmeyer - this year so much so that JD went ahead and ranked his Top 5 Hottest Fox News Women.

Lucky Anna Kooiman, she made it to #1 on JD's list and quickly drew Howard's attention on air, where he praised her good looks, her on air personality, and her skills as a former Turbo Kick instructor.

In an effort to be fair, we contacted Anna and asked if she, in return, would rank the men of the Howard Stern Show. So gird your loins JD, here is Anna's turn.

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#6- Benjy Bronk

Best physical quality:

His baby blues

Dream date:

He grew up in the Carolinas just like me... So don't let the Brooklyn hipster toboggan on his head in his bio pic fool ya... We could go to Justin Timberlake's Southern BBQ joint in Hell's Kitchen called Southern Hospitality and kick it over hush puppies and baked beans.

#5- Ronnie

Best quality:

Handlebar mustache... Looks like a bad mammma jammmma

Dream date:

For our dream date... I would like him to take me somewhere romantic... Perhaps Central Park... Drive me there in the limo of course... And stage a damsel in distress situation...He could impress me with his Chuck Norris moves and potentially coin some new catch phrase similar to 'whoa, whoa, whoa stop the clock' and 'what's your problem.'

#4- Fred

Best physical quality:

Judging from his profile pic... His chest ;-)

Dream date:

I hear Fred likes to play his guitar So we can go to an open mic night... And be the best/worst duo the Big Apple has ever seen.... As my Fox and Friends cohosts know I sing on air any chance I get... And become a dancing machine during commercial breaks.

#3- Gary

Best Quality:

His style

Dream date:

Looks like a Homer Simpson fan since he has the doll in his photo... We can go to a dive bar and drink duff beer and eat donuts and do our best 'Doh' impressions.

Okay, too many pics of's a great shot of Anna from a marathon run!

Now back to the rankings!

#2- JD

Best quality:

Cute Smile... Looks contagious

Dream date...

We can go somewhere cozy and watch Fox and Friends Weekend with the volume UP! Love him for picking me for hottest Fox News anchor... But hate him for mispronouncing my last name over and over. Kooiman=Coy-man... Not Cooooo-eeee-man. ;-)

#1- Howard

Best quality:

That curly hair! If you got it... Flaunt it!!

Dream date:

A tour of the Howard Stern Studio followed by.... Cocktails and a concert! Then I would take him home... for the holidays to see if he could handle the Kooiman Christmas traditions!

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