The Birthday Bash Is A World-Wide News Event

The Birthday Bash was covered in just about every major publication with glowing reviews

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The world is waking up to the power and magic of the Howard Stern Show. The Birthday Bash was covered in just about every major publication with glowing reviews. Check out some of the amazing press we've garnered below!






"[Howard and his crew] delivered a four-hour gala rivaling the star power of any glitzy awards show. Perhaps even better; whereas the Academy Awards, Emmy Awards and Grammy Awards spotlight talents in their respective fields, Stern's party melded those of numerous walks, truly befitting his moniker as the "King of All Media."

- Billboard Magazine "Howard Stern's 60th Bash: The Full Report From The Birthday Blowout"

Howard welcoming his guests (Photo: Doug Gordon)

"In many ways, the evening felt like a combination of all those events: It had the all-star musical collaborations of the Grammys, the random grouping of A-list celebrities eating and drinking together that you usually only see at the Golden Globes, the chants, crazily-coveted tickets and sensory overload of the Super Bowl as well as the climactic speech by a revered (though highly polarizing) leader straight out of the State of the Union. It also had oysters and a rare intermingling of Barbara Walters and High Pitch Eric."

- Rolling Stone "The 11 Greatest Moments From Howard Stern's 60th Birthday Bash"

"For those who were there, it was like the Super Bowl without the bother of football. For listeners of the Howard Stern Birthday Bash that aired live Friday on SiriusXM radio, it was like the Golden Globes without the distraction of awards, but with Stern, lots of merry-making celebs, and at least as much free-flowing booze."


Howard and Robin get swept up in the excitment (Photo: Doug Gordon)

"All told, it was a stirring mix of high and low culture, which was a perfect way to celebrate Stern. It was the sort of night where Downey, Jr. could be introduced as "the original Crackhead Bob" and then vow to come on Stern's show for an interview for every movie he makes from now on, where Stern characters Little Mikey, Psych, and Eli Braden sang a series of filthy tributes to Robin Quivers and it still sounded kind of sweet, where Ryan Phillippe can show up to provide Quivers with a lap dance, and where Kimmel could compare Stern to Picasso and it made perfect sense."

- "On the Scene at the Howard Stern Birthday Bash"

Steven Tyler and Slash close out the A-List night (Photo: Doug Gordon)

"Rob Zombie and his band kicked off the evening with a rocking version of "The Great American Nightmare" and...from there on in it was an onslaught of entertainment..."

- The Hollywood Reporter "Inside Howard Stern's 60th Birthday Bash: A-Listers Turn Out in Droves to Celebrate Shock Jock"

Plus much more!

- BuzzFeed "55 Things That Happened Inside Howard Stern's Birthday Bash"

- Us Weekly "Howard Stern Celebrates 60th Birthday With Star-Studded Bash"

- People Magazine "Howard Stern's Wild Birthday Bash: 'Being 60 Is Not a Bad Thing'"

Survivor's Jeff Probst talks to Katie Couric - one of the many celebrities in the audience (Photo Doug Gordon)