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The self-proclaimed "#1 Howard Stern Fan" writes a grammatically challenged essay on the art of driving

Photo: The Howard Stern Show



I must say you have to be prepared for battle when you drive your car on our roads today." Before you put that key in your ignition and back out of your driveway, that could be the last time you might see your love ones again".

To put it bluntly,there is a war on our streets. You have to deal with Insane or manic drivers, In experience drivers, drivers who are on medication & drugs, drinking & driving. You have to drive like your life depends upon it each & every time you get behind the wheel of your car.

There is about 193 million licensed drivers in this country, about 12 million in NY 3 to 4 million drivers on Nassau & Suffolk county roadways. That's more than 30 yrs ago which adds to our stress of day to day driving. I strongly recommend that everyone be looking in their mirrors every 3 to 5 seconds in order to spot hazards, before they come potential accidents.

I have been teaching the lean & look method of setting up your mirrors for more than 30 years in my Defensive Driving Classes. I have logged in more than a million miles driving an 18 wheeler, and never had an accident. I attribute this to using my mirrors properly. Most of us have been taught to have your mirrors set up . so you can see the sides of your car. This actually defeats the purpose of your mirror set up.

The first thing you should do in setting up your mirrors properly is setting in your drivers seat, Tilt your head towards your drivers side window, adjust your mirror outward , just so you don't see the sides of your car & stop. This will now allow for you to pick up your dead zones. Dead zones are areas that can't be seen even with the use of mirrors. Now lean your head towards your passenger side window, and do the same. Adjust your mirrors outward so you don't see the sides of your car.

Hopefully with this little driving tip. You will be on your way to becoming a defensive driver. BOBO.......