RIP David Brenner

RIP David Brenner

RIP David Brenner

It's with heavy hearts that we have to announce another loss to the Howard Stern Show and the world - the great comedian and frequent guest David Brenner has died.

"Great guy who was always encouraging and in my corner, I'm so sad" - Howard Stern

David from one of his many appearances on the show

Howard read this great piece by Paul Reiser on air: "My Appreciation" - his thoughts on David Brenner

RIP David Brenner.. Always a great classic @HowardStern guest #RIP @sternshow @robertAbooey

— Joe Baio (@JoeBaio1) March 15, 2014

@HowardStern @MarthaQuinn David Brenner was always one of my favorite @sternshow guests. May he rest in peace.

— Deirdre (@deirdre_ring) March 15, 2014

@sternshow One of Howards all time best guests. R.I.P.

— Phil Galgan (@filthydirtyphil) March 16, 2014

@HowardStern @sternshow Our condolences on David's passing. One of the legendary Stern show guests of all time. :(

— Michael Jennings (@MiJenningsNJ) March 16, 2014

@HowardStern Brenner gave us some awesome laughs on @sternshow. You guys played off each other brilliantly.

— Tom Grasso (@tomgrasso) March 16, 2014

RIP, David Brenner. I enjoyed you throughout the decades. Great Carson guest, great @sternshow guest, great comedian.

— Rhonda Powell (@txronin) March 16, 2014

I was just thinking about all the great appearances David Brenner did @sternshow in the early 90's. R.I.P. David! @HowardStern

— Capt. Janks (@captainjanks) March 16, 2014