The Howard Stern Show: Weekly Update March 2014

Catch up on all things Stern related in this weeks update

Welcome to The Howard Stern Show Weekly! Written by superfan and freelance writer Tanya Edwards. The Weekly will highlight some of the best moments from the past week and include more links and information for the superfan in all of us. All opinions expressed are Tanya's.


Hello, hello! Enjoy a few of my favorite moments from this weeks show and some thoughts for Howard. Let me know on Twitter if you agree!

Leiberman in the Crosshairs!

As a superfan, there is nothing I love more than staff fights, and this one has been a doozy. I don't know if Leiberman (author of Whitey on Trial), being sort of new to the show, doesn't realize the more you protest and make things off limits, the worse it's going to be, but wow, he is not making this any easier on himself.

Last week it started with Ronnie calling out Jon for some hair loss and Jon freaked out (the jury is still out on this one). This week, he got called out in the studio by Howard after a photo was posted on him on Facebook that looked like he was wearing a Friar Tuck monk robe (gotta love a Jewish monk!).

Friar Leiberman

Jon came in and defended his shirt explaining that he always dresses conservatively, and his girlfriend bought him a hoodie that he wore to the concert. But it didn't end there, because it never does. During the Wrap-up Show, Jon was accused by Ronnie -- who smelled blood in the water -- of "puffing up his hair" when he blow dried it. "I have a full, robust head of hair. I have never blow dried my hair in my life," yelled Jon, who also declared his hair off limits. Jon, why so many rules?

Medicated Pete's Selfies with the Staff

Danger alert! Don't tell Howard, but the minute I saw this collection on of selfies with Medicated Pete, I totally cringed. According to Time magazine, there has been a rise of head lice (especially in teens) from sticking their heads together for selfies. I'm not saying anyone has lice, I'm just saying it can easily hop from head to head.

The good news is, I don't think Pete has enough hair for lice to create a home in, so everyone is probably fine. And hey, Pete, glad to have you back in the studio! Who else would live with their girlfriend but sleep on the couch?

Will Howard regret taking this photo?

Richard Christy Loves GWAR

When Robin announced the news that the lead singer of GWAR, Oderus Ungerus (Dave Brockie, a really awesome guy) had died, I knew it wouldn't be long before Richard Christy came in and talked about how they were one of his faaavorites.

The heavy rock band were known for their over-the-top costumes and very messy shows. Yes, I've been sprayed with all sorts of things at a GWAR show, and I bet a lot of other fans have too. We're Stern fans, we love gross, weird stuff. We yell "dropping loads" when we take out the trash (you don't do that?!).

Welcome Back Pastor Manning

I have no idea if this jerk knows he's the subject of all kinds of laughs on the show, but I was glad to hear more of his insane ranting today. The "OBAMA!" drop has provided more laughs over the years than I can count. If you're not familiar with his church, Atlah World Ministries (which stands for "all the land anointed holy"), please enjoy their crappy 1999 looking website.

Want to hear more? Someone cut together a "best of" Pastor Manning, and it's something else. According to the Atlah site, and a slew of other super right wing sites, Manning was banned from You Tube in 2009 for hate speech.

I don't agree with that, it's better to let him run his hateful mouth. What I want to know, from the latest bit Howard was playing on Wednesday, is how many straight men out there would go gay for a nice dinner and tickets to the theater? Right.

Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden May 9: A Speech for Howard

As an animal lover, and supporter of the Animal League, I was super moved to hear that Billy Joel was donating all of the proceeds from his May 9 concert to Bianca's Furry Friends. But Howard has been worrying since the announcement about how to introduce Billy at the show, asking Robin to write a speech for him. If our queen is too busy (most likely), I'd like to humbly submit some suggestions for a speech.

  • Keep it simple. Start with how Billy called and made the offer, and talk about how moved you and Beth were.
  • Share the why. Talk about Bianca, and your foster cats, and how much you want all animals to have a great life.
  • Talk about Billy. Share how long you've been friends and how excited you are about his concerts at the Garden.
  • Pretend you're in the studio. This is important! You've said being on stage at the Garden is freaking you out. Look past the audience, into the lights if you have to, and pretend you're in the studio talking to fans.

Tanya Edwards is a writer and editor, who has written for Glamour, the Today Show, TV Guide, MTV and many others. For more information, visit her website Superfan Media and follow her on Twitter @MissTanya