Kathy Griffin Reads Threatening Tweets From Lovatics on Air

by SiriusXM's Bobby Bonett

You don't mess with Texas, and you definitely don't mess with Demi Lovato's fans.

Kathy Griffin learned the latter the hard way. She explained Tuesday morning on The Howard Stern Show why "the death threats are a-flowing" from Twitter "Lovatics."

"I was tweeting one night in the middle of the night, I was on the road doing a show I think, in Seattle, and I couldn't sleep," Griffin said. "So I actually went on Twitter and said, 'I'm gonna start tweeting things using Siri, but I'm not gonna correct any of the spelling.' So then someone tweeted back and said, 'Who's the douchiest person you've met?' And I said – and Siri interpreted it as – 'Debbie Lovato is a little douchey.'"

Probably Debbie Lovato Plus she should calm the f down bout Lady Gaga gettin barfed onRT @SamRedgrove: biggest douche celebrity you've met?

— Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) March 25, 2014

And then this happened:

"Her fans are very vicious, so I actually brought some of the tweets, because some of them are so over the top, they're funny," Griffin said.

Among those tweets: Ill wishes, name-calling, threats of arson, death threats and much more.

"I have no problem with Demi Lovato, or Debbie, as I like to call her – or as Siri calls her," Griffin clarified.

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