The Howard Stern Show Weekly - Special Edition!

Tanya Edwards on what it means to be a Stern Superfan

Welcome to The Howard Stern Show Weekly! Written by superfan and freelance writer Tanya Edwards. The Weekly will highlight some of the best moments from the past week and include more links and information for the superfan in all of us. All opinions expressed are Tanya's.


Since this is an off week, I wanted to bring you something different. I was thinking about what being a Stern Superfan means, and all of the goofy thoughts I've had about the show over the years. So, Superfans, this one is for you. Had any great Superfan moments? Tweet them to @sternshow and they might show up on the site!

You Know You're a Superfan If You…

…can't buy chorizo without the "Robin's Got a Squeezebox" song running through your head (break out the chor-eet-zo tonight!)

…have literally spent hours of your life fantasizing scenarios where you'd have an opportunity to Bababooey on live television or radio.

...picked your college or job based on it being in broadcast range of Howard when he was on terrestrial radio (Hi Kaplan!).

…know what Steve Langford has been up to since leaving Howard 100 news (and you've watched him doing real news, including interviewing Ronnie Mund because it's a small Stern world).

…couldn't read the last point without "Steve Langford has a huge penis" being stuck in your head for at least 10 minutes.

…have started liking a band you previously didn't care about, solely based on doing something cool with the show (like Staind covering Lester "Beetlejuice" Green's hit "Bad As Can," the best cover ever).

…can't eat tiramisu without thinking of Robin's mons venus (thanks Richard!).

…are already planning your outfits for the Radio City AGT tapings, while singing "All I neeeeeeeed…"

…had more than one incidence of Stern related work tardiness. Bonus Superfan points if you've lost a job over it.

…can't marinate your meat without laughing and thinking of serendading your meat.

…find another Superfan at a party and spend all night talking to them about Fred's sound drops, and consider it the best party ever.

…learn someone you don't like is a fan of the show, and reconsidered your feelings about them.

…have given or received as a gift, more than one Beth O. calendar.

…would rather hear Artie recite scenes from "The Godfather" than actually watch the movie.

…get upset when Wack Packers aren't on Twitter.

Tanya Edwards is a writer and editor, who has written for Glamour, the Today Show, TV Guide, MTV and many others. For more information, visit her website Superfan Media and follow her on Twitter @MissTanya