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May 19, 2014

Welcome to The Howard Stern Show Weekly! Written by superfan and freelance writer Tanya Edwards. The Weekly will highlight some of the best moments from the past week and include more links and information for the superfan in all of us. All opinions expressed are Tanya’s.


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Ike Barinholtz

I’m not gonna lie to you, Ike Barinholtz wasn’t really on my radar until this Monday. Believe it or not, I don’t watch ‘The Mindy Project’ (it’s not you Mindy, it’s me, and my 700 other shows), but I might start because Ike is pretty awesome!

I was actually surprised the dyed-in-the-wool Superfan hadn’t called in with bits before he got famous-ish. It’s not hard to imagine Ike fitting right in with Superfans turned staffers Sal, Richard and Shuli, especially after he stumped the room (even Gary!) with Superfan Trivia.

You can read the seven questions that Howard didn’t even try to answer on Monday’s Rundown. The bit sent me straight to watch the ‘Feel My Ubiquity’ video, and yes, it’s exactly as mind-blowingly bad as I remember. Still miss the Jesus Twins (but even with half the group gone, the website is still up!) weird appearances, and you know how I feel about serenading meat (good, I feel good).

Inspired by Ike, I put together a Superfan trivia quiz based on this weeks show. Enjoy!


1. Which celebrity guest this week gave Howard shit about not being invited to the birthday show?

2. Does David Arquette like Enron Khan or Eric the Actor better?

3. What kind of porn did Robin and Howard dissect this week?

4. How much weight do Jason, Benjy and Jon Hein have to lose according to Dr. Harry Fisch?

5. In a brave move (this is how it’s done, POW!), celeb fan Neil Patrick Harris took a completely unhinged phone call from a wackpacker, right after saying he didn’t like the wackpacker on the show. Who was he referring to?

6. What’s the name of Sal’s friend who is married to the Long Island Medium (and what’s up with her beehive)?

7. What kind of uniforms did Gary tell Howard 100 news everyone at the show puts on in the morning?

8. Bonus rhetorical question: exactly how creepy are Sal’s gay theories?

Photo: The Howard Stern Show


1. Bobby Duvall

2. He wouldn’t answer

3. Mom and son porn (the creepiest thing ever)

4. 50, 40 and 5 pounds

5. Hanzi

6. Larry Caputo

7. Illuminati (I bet they borrow them from Jay Z)

Tanya Edwards is a writer and editor, who has written for Glamour, the Today Show, TV Guide, MTV and many others. For more information, visit her website Superfan Media and follow her on Twitter @MissTanya

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