Howard Stern Presents Soundgarden: 20 Years of SuperUnknown!

Listen to exclusive audio clips of a special concert honoring the anniversary of the legendary album

On Friday June 20th, Howard Stern proudly presents Soundgarden's 20th Anniversary "Superunknown" Concert – celebrating the 1994 album with a one-of-a-kind music broadcast. Chris Cornell, Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron & Ben Shepherd came to our studios to tell us behind the scenes stories of their breakthrough masterpiece album, then performed it LIVE in its entirety in New York City.

You'll hear every minute of it exclusively on Howard 101!

The Soundgarden 20th Anniversary "Superunknown" Concert premieres Friday 6/20 at 10pm EST with encore presentations on Sat 6/21 at 6pm EST and Sunday 6/22 at 9pm EST.

Here's your exclusive sneak peek:

Chris explains how the song came about and the concerns about singling out one song. Kim remembers their manager being apprehensive about the album's artwork as well.

Chris, Kim & Matt recall how "Black Hole Sun" became their second single and give some behind the scenes stories from the making of the iconic music video they just hoped wouldn't "suck".

Chris, Kim & Ben talk about how the "Spoonman" video was made and where the visual inspiration came from.

Contrary to popular belief, Spoonman is not about JD Harmeyer

The band insisted on making "My Wave" the third single and video off the album, despite what the record label thought.

Matt reminds his band mates that they actually performed "Kickstand" on the Bill Nye TV show on an episode all about sound.

The band talks about mixing their album into 5.1 surround sound for the 20th anniversary re-issue.