Check Out Some Professional Fan Art of the Stern Show

A few amazing artists have allowed us to display some of their wonderful works for your viewing pleasure


This week we're excited to present two original drawings by cartoonist Box Brown. A huge fan of the show, Box is an independent comic book artist and writer who currently has the well recieved graphic novel Andre The Giant: Life and Legend available now on Amazon. (He even snuck a 'Baba Booey' reference inside)

Eric the Actor by Box Brown

Private Parts Cover by Box Brown

The Howard Stern Show and Comic Books - believe it or not, to a lot of people, they go hand in hand.

Whenever our staffers vencher out to a Comic Con and meet the artists on "Artists Row" we often hear the same thing over and over again - that they listen to Howard all day while drawing comics!

From Jim Lee to Brian Michael Bendis to the godfather of comics himself, Stan Lee - Howard is beloved by the industry he loves.

eric the cougar petter

During his June 2014 visit to the show, Jonah Hill brought up a painting of Eric the Actor with a Cougar he emailed to Howard and Jimmy Kimmel.

Done by renowned artist Jonas Wood, Howard said he loved it! He even got Eric on the phone to discuss the work, which Eric had no idea existed.

It turns out the artist is a big fan of the Howard Stern Show and has agreed to let us display his work for the world. So without further ado, Eric and the Cougar:

Jonas Wood

Eric the Actor (ETM), 2010

Watercolor and colored pencil on paper

41 x 30"


We're proud to present the first in what we hope is a series of comic book artist's take on Howard and the show - this great drawing by Jill Thompson of the Howard Stern Show as Muppets!

You might know Jill from her amazing work on Sandman, Scary Godmother (both the book and animated special!) and much more!

Are you a comic book artist? Do you listen to the show while you draw? If so, contact us!