'SNL' Legend and Comedy King, Dan Ackroyd, Know How to Sketch

6 of the best sketches from Ackroyd's time at 'Saturday Night Live.'

Dan Aykroyd: comedy legend

Dan Aykroyd makes his debut appearance on the Howard Stern Show Tuesday, February 17th! If you don't already have SiriusXM sign up for a free trial here and don't miss a moment of Dan and Howard together.

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It would be impossible for us to really rank Dan Aykroyd's incredible Saturday Night Live sketches. Who are we to decide which Aykroyd sketch is more genius than the next? But, in advance of Mr. Aykroyd's much-anticipated debut on the Stern Show, we wanted to remind you of just how great he was on SNL (to say nothing of the great movies he's starred in).

Here then are five of Dan Aykroyd's funniest and most memorable Saturday Night Live sketches (in no particular order):


Dan wrote and starred as the patriarch in the classic sketch about that ubiquitous, sweet, odd-looking family 'from France'. Except, they weren't from France- they were from a planet with a name that's familiar to all hard-core Stern Fans: Remulak.


You might know Dick Nixon as the 37th President of e United States, but when you think of his voice, you might very well be thinking of Dan Aykroyd's flawless Nixon impression.

Since his face ingeniously hidden behind a mask to protect the president's identity, the impression was all that was used to convey his identity and - even muffled - Dan's brilliance is spectacular:


That skeevy public access host who could make the most lascivious comments about even the most common subject. Here he critiques the finer parts of 'bona fide art classics':


You know him and you love him, so watch him expertly seduce a female female executive in her hotel room:


This sketch hardly needs an introduction - try to say the title without slipping into Dan and Steve Martin's excited Czechoslovakian Festrunk brothers, hitting the town and picking up 'foxes':

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Yeah, yeah, we said top five. But screw rules - we can do whatever we want! Couldn't resist adding this bit as everyone's favorite chef.