JD's Beef of the Week: Buzz Feed

JD's Beef of the Week: Buzz Feed

JD's Beef of the Week: BuzzFeed

JD is a lot of things - awkward, mumbler, all around sweet guy - and you can now add 'fearless' to that list. That's because this week in his "Beef of the Week" JD took on one of the biggest and most powerful websites around - Buzzfeed.

So in true Buzzfeed fashion we took his rant (with some later additions by JD) and turned it into a listicle.  So without further ado, why JD does not like Buzzfeed:


#1 - They tweet way too much. And it’s not just tweeting their articles. They’ll tweet out the article, then they’ll retweet the buzzfeed editor that made up the article who tweeted out a link. Enough.


#2 – There are too many divisions: Buzzfeed style, Buzzfeed Celebrity, but also Buzzfeed for other countries like India and UK. Stop retweeting from those different divisions.  I’ve seen tweets from Buzzfeed India and have no idea what they’re talking about.


#3 – They make the DUMBEST declarations. 10 reasons why Beyonce is everything. She’s good and all but not everything.  Zayn quitting One Direction just crashed the internet. No it didn’t. Internet was working just fine.


#4 – If you work for Buzzfeed, you automatically get verified on Twitter (editor's note: this is JD's opinion. We could not 'verify' this'). Celebrities with hundreds of thousands of followers have trouble getting verified, but Joe Schmo Buzzfeed with just over 1,000 followers can get a checkmark. I worked hard to get verified. It used to mean something.


#5 - Dumb quizzes like “Which 5 Seconds of Summer band member are you” or “Which color would you be”. I’m an adult (for the most part). I don’t get it. I don’t give a shit.