What Is the King of All Media Watching?

Take a peak into the viewing pleasures of Howard Stern

The King of All Media's Media

Who better to get your TV and film recommendations from than a man known worldwide as 'The King of All Media'?

Since he had to go to Los Angeles for America's Got Talent last week, Howard used his downtime to catch up on his favorite TV shows and watch a few movies.

He finally got to season three of House of Cards and loved it.

He continued to thoroughly enjoy The Good Wife, which Jon Hein and Gary Dell'Abate also love.

He watched the movie 'Lucy' and loved it – but Robin (who sees everything) disagreed with Howard. Guess it's no 'Hitch'.

Howard also loved the HBO Scientology documentary 'Going Clear'.

He didn't get to Game of Thrones or Daredevil, both of which he's excited for. Steve Brandano saw Daredevil and promises that it's really really good.