Howard On The Kiss Heard 'Round The World

The King of All Media reflects on his attempted kiss for Letterman's farewell

On Monday, Howard made his final appearance on the "Late Show with David Letterman," before the legendary late-night host retires.

Over the years, the King of All Media has made numerous memorable appearances opposite Dave and this one was no different. As it would be their final "Late Show" sit-down, Howard also planned a special farewell: a kiss.

"I had scratched down on a piece of paper that I was going to kiss him about a week ago," he explained on Wednesday's Stern Show. "I don't know what happened. I just was talking to him and then all of a sudden it seemed like whatever I was doing had to stop and I said, 'Come over here,'" he continued.

"And then I say, 'Ok, I'm going to go for this.' There was no turning back," Howard recalled. "And when he resisted, I was determined to kiss him. But he was so wiry and squirming."

"Afterwards I said, 'Thank god he resisted!'" Howard concluded.