Howard Stern: Here's How Brian Williams Blew His Second Chance

The King of All Media chimes in on the disastrous Brian Williams debacle and how he could have saved face.

Photo: PRPhotos

At the open of Monday's show, Howard wanted to take a few minutes to address the disgraced Brian Williams' disastrous interview with Matt Lauer from last week. Williams was infamously caught in a series of lies -- most notably about an incident during the 2003 invasion of Iraq -- back in February and was ultimately suspended from broadcasting for six months by NBC.

The former Nightly News anchor sat down for the first time since his suspension with Matt Lauer in what Howard thought was a "train wreck" of an interview. "You couldn't have had a worse PR moment than this interview." Lauer was asking simple questions and the "veteran" journalist seemed to implode.

Even after getting caught in the lies and the exaggerations, Howard thought that Williams could have received a second chance if he didn't act so arrogant and out of touch this time around. After all, the guy is really just a talking head who reads off of a teleprompter. Yet, it seems he couldn't even muster that.

"All he had to do, if I may say so with some humility," Howard explained, "is say this: 'You know Matt, what happened to me at first was unexplainable. I could not figure out what I was up to. I was in some sort of denial. I've been working on myself for five months and I'm going to tell you something. I lied. I lied because I wanted to be something more than I am. I wanted to be the hippest guy in the room.'" Maybe then the rebuilding process could have begun.

Listen below for more thoughts from the King of All Media on the debacle.