Go Embedded With Sour Shoes

Tune in for Jon Leiberman’s most ambitious assignment ever

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jon Leiberman came by the studio live today and recounted his experience going "Embedded" with Sour Shoes in what he described as one of his most harrowing encounters yet. Michael "Sour Shoes" DelCampo also joined him to chime in on revelations from his everyday life and even offered a few new stories to boot.

Jon explained that he found a very big difference between Michael and his alter ego Sour -- of which he could address either one to get different responses. From arriving to Sour in the pool to accompanying him to his "job" and going in-depth inside what turned out to be the most dangerous location -- Sour's bedroom -- our acclaimed journalist elicited some never-before-heard stories and insight from the talented Wack Packer.

Later Jon offered more details to the legend of when Sour Shoes made his way to Pepperdine and what exactly happened while he was there. Sour also claimed that while in California, he wrote a script outlining Paul Rudd's character in "Friends" as Phoebe's boyfriend, and placed it in Matthew Perry's mailbox. Jon said he was working to verify Sour's claim.

Sour Shoes Embedded debuts immediately following The Wrap Up Show each day this week and runs throughout the day on Howard 100 and Howard 101. You can also listen to the full series below!

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