Perfect Pairings: When Sketch Comedy Sparks Fly

There are few things as magical as when two comedians simply click

In honor of the legendary Carol Burnett's first appearance on the Stern Show, we're running down a few of the special relationships that birthed sketch comedy gold in no particular order – beginning with Carol and her "Carol Burnett Show" co-star Tim Conway!

Carol & Tim

While there were a number of incredibly talented comedians connected to "The Carol Burnett Show," something about the skits featuring Tim Conway and Carol Burnett seems to stand the test of time. Between classic clips of them cracking each other up to skits like the above that are just as funny today as they were decades ago, the two talented performers never ceased to get a rise out of each other and the audience members themselves.

Paul & Jerry

"The Paul Winchell Show" pre-dated Burnett's variety show by about 17 years. Debuting on NBC in 1950, the show featured Winchell, a ventriloquist, and his dummy named Jerry Mahoney in skits, songs, games and more. Aside being an inspiration to generations of entertainers (including a young Howard Stern), Winchell also personally made way for Carol Burnett's television debut in 1955 on his show.

Michael & Mo

In the heyday of MadTV anyone with the name Stuart (or Stewart) was no doubt subject to a myriad of catcall-like screams from friends and family in honor of the memorable and recurring character played by Michael McDonald alongside his "mother" Mo Collins. Though the two performed opposite of one and other frequently on the show, the scenes featuring Stuart and his mother were by far the most iconic. The mix of physical and verbal sparring never left the audience disappointed.

Farley & Spade

What more needs to be said about this relationship? From movies to TV to real life, David Spade and Chris Farley had an unmatched relationship in comedy. The balance of Farley's larger than life persona tied together with Spade's sarcastic, cutting lines was all anyone needed for many years.

Cheech & Chong

The epitome of stoner humor, Cheech and Chong nearly defined an entire subsection of humor on their own -- and in the process worked to legalize their favorite past time: smoking pot.

Kenan & Kel

While not always included in serious comedy conversations, Kenan and Kel anchored the Nickelodeon generation of humor and left an indelible legacy on an entire generation first on "All That" and later on their own show, "Kenan and Kel." Kenan of course went on to become an "SNL" cast member and Kel recently announced he's making a new show for Nickelodeon.

Tim & Eric

Depending on who you ask, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are either comedic geniuses or complete weirdos. Their hilarious mix of the awkward and sometimes grotesque has garnered them a cult following with shows like "Tom Goes to the Mayor" (which Adult Swim called one of their most polarizing shows ever) and "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" Watch above for a taste of their style.

Amy & Tina

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey have two of the most impressive resumes in not only comedy, but entertainment as a whole. From "Saturday Night Live" to hosting the Golden Globes, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey have successfully cemented their status both individually and together as setting the pace for other comedians. It's impossible not to laugh when these two team up.

Key & Peele

Though they just wrapped up their final season on Comedy Central, few comedy duos have defined the times like Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. Just turn to sketches like the "Anger Translator" for a taste of their influence -- President Obama himself did a rendition of it with them at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Of course this isn't an exhaustive list. Let us know on Twitter and Facebook who your favorite comedy duos are!