15 GIFs of Ellen Scaring the Sh-t out of Her Famous Friends

The daytime queen loves spooking her celebrity guests almost as much as we love watching them scream

Photo: NBC / Ellen

If you turn on Ellen DeGeneres's talk show any given day of the week, chances are you're going to hear wild high-pitched screaming blasting out of your TV set. No, it's not because the in-studio audience has just been invited to Ellen's "12 Days Of Christmas," where everyone walks home dragging more electronics, gift cards and swag than Santa himself. And no, it's not Ellen's rabid fans chomping at the bit to cut a rug with the dancing daytime personality at the start of each show.

Instead, the glass-shattering yelling is usually coming from some of Ellen's most favorite celebrity guests as they come awkwardly close to crapping their pants on network television.

Unlike the King of All Media, Ellen loves practical jokes. Giving and receiving. Although, you'd be hard-pressed to find footage of anyone ever getting the upper hand on the Emmy-winning host, even though funnyman Steve Carell did get her (kinda) a few years back.

We compiled some of the funniest GIF reactions of Ellen's celebrity pals being scared stupid on her show. And if we were Eric Stonestreet, we would never visit that set again. Ever.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Eric Stonestreet

Bethenny Frankel

Richard Simmons

Miley Cyrus

Jack Black

Eric Stonestreet...again

Kristen Wiig

Jimmy Fallon

David Spade

Justin Bieber

Taylor Swift

Tracy Morgan

Jason Segel

And we mustn't forget Eric Stonestreet