A Bobo-Free Summer Comes To An End

The self-proclaimed number one superfan was banned for an egregious offense, but now he's back.

There have been few things so defining of this past summer than the absence of our self-proclaimed "#1 Superfan" Bobo (aka Bobo the Betrayer).

PK IrelandPK IrelandPhoto: The Howard Stern Show

Because of his searing betrayal of both his and our honor, he was sentenced to a purgatory lurking off in the ever-so-close-yet-so-far distance of not being able to call in to the show. Yet, the day has come for him to return to the caller limelight and we can only hope that he's spent his time wisely constructing a profound statement for himself.

Wondering what exactly he's been up to these past months? Unfortunately you can't ask his parole officer, Ralph Cirella, because we all know he hasn't been keeping tabs on Bobo. But no doubt we will hear it from Bobo himself today, so stay tuned.

Mike MorrisMike Morris

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