Las Vegas Sex Industry Takes Hit During Presidential Debate

Escorts claim the city lost its sexual appetite thanks to the Donald Trump-Hillary Clinton showdown

 Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The third and final presidential debate came and went Wednesday night in Las Vegas, and many are celebrating the end of debate season, perhaps none more than Vegas sex industry workers.

According to TMZ, multiple escort services reported business has been extremely slow over the past two days. Owners speculate that the many folks in town for the debate are simply not their normal Vegas clientele.

However, some theories suggest the reasons may go deeper. For instance, one owner speculated the depression over the election has put Vegas goers in less of a mood for sexy time. Another owner suggested that, in an election full of "gotcha" moments, folks are more afraid of getting caught.

However, TMZ also reported business is booming at the Bunny Ranch, located 45 minutes outside of Sin City.

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