Video: Man Posts Bloody Aftermath of Grizzly Bear Attack on Facebook

“Life sucks in bear country,” says 50-year-old Montana man in graphic video

A 50-year-old Montana man survived a grizzly bear attack on Saturday and then posted a bloody video on Facebook documenting his harrowing encounter.

"Yeah, life sucks in bear country," Todd Orr said while his face and clothes were covered in blood.

Todd was hiking in Madison Valley in southwest Montana when he saw an adult grizzly and its two cubs about 80 yards away. Todd said he screamed at the bear, hoping to scare it off, but the plan backfired and it charged him instead. Though Todd "sprayed the shit out of her" with bear repellent, it didn't stop the animal from attacking him.

Todd said he then played dead on the ground while the animal mauled his head, arm, and shoulder. The bear eventually left, which is when Todd finally got up and walked himself three miles to get medical care. Before getting treated, however, Todd documented his story (and gruesome injuries) and shared it on Facebook.

According to a a KTVQ news report, Todd is expected to make a full recovery.

Watch the graphic video (above).