Stand-Up Comics Shared Their Worst Heckling Stories

"A homeless man called me and my partner the N-word (we're white)," Maria Wojceichowski tells Vice

Mark Normand performing on stage.Mark Normand performing on stage.Photo: Facebook

Vice recently asked comedians to share their worst heckling anecdotes and here's what some of them had to say:

Adam Newman

I walked onstage in Atlanta, and someone in the back was talking, so I said, "Be quiet, the show just started." During my first joke, he started talking loudly again, so I said, "Shut up, it's a long show, you're going to ruin it for everybody." Then the sound guy yelled, "Medical emergency!" The guy who was talking was escorted out clutching his chest—we found out later he had a heart attack and died at the hospital.

Mark Normand

I flew down to Florida Atlantic University for a show, and as I walk toward the mic, somebody yells out, "Hey, look at this fag!" It gets a huge laugh. I grab the microphone, and I replied: "Jesus, man, what if I was actually gay?" He replied, "No, you are!" Which got about eight minutes of applause.

Maria Wojceichowski

When I did musical comedy, a homeless man called me and my partner the N-word (we're white). I ended up having him jump onstage and play spoons with me until he fell asleep.

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