Here’s Why the Stern Show Should Be a Stop on Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Trail

Read the Washington Post’s interview with Howard on why the presidential candidate should pay him a visit

Photo: Getty Images

Hillary Clinton will be sitting down for several interviews between now and Election Day, but will one of those sit-downs occur on the Stern Show couch? Howard talked with the Washington Post in an interview published on Monday and explained why his on-air conversation with the presidential candidate would be different than any other she'll have out on the campaign trail.

"I think she's a fascinating person and I also think no one has sat down with her and really provided a forum for her to not be the politician but to be the human being," Howard told the Washington Post. "So would that be a fabulous moment for me to try to communicate with Hillary Clinton in front of my audience? Yes. It would be fabulous for me. The dinner conversation I would have privately with Hillary Clinton is the conversation I'd like to put on the radio."

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