Marilyn Manson Isn't Voting For President

The shock rocker explains why he's sitting out this election cycle

Photo: Landmark / PR Photos

This election year has been as tumultuous as they come. For some citizens, like rocker and Stern Show guest Marilyn Manson, the most appealing choice is simply sitting this one out.

"I don't find either candidate to my liking, so I choose to stand out of this one," Manson told Rolling Stone. "And I don't think that's a coward's stance. A lot of people might say that. I just don't really want to be a part of this piece of history. Last time, I did want to be involved in some piece of history as a voter." According to the report, Manson voted for Barack Obama in 2012.

When asked specifically about this year's candidates, Manson cited the Internet age as coloring the election too much and creating a very chaotic playing field. At the end of the day, however, Manson said it comes down to two things: "Who has more charisma, and who are they appealing to. And neither one of them appeal to me."

Manson took a similar stance in 2004 when the nominees were George W. Bush and John Kerry. "It's not a matter of me thinking my vote is going to make a difference or not; it's a matter of I don't have an interest in either person," he said at the time.

Perhaps in 2020, a candidate will emerge who appeals to Marilyn.