VIDEO: Artificial Intelligence Has Composed a Beatles-Style Pop Song

Sony Computer Science Laboratory has created “Daddy's Song” out of pure technology

Ronnie the Robot could soon be a regular Neil Diamond, if the Sony Computer Science Laboratory continues to make strides.

The technology company's Paris-based lab just created the first pop song composed by artificial intelligence. The music composition technique of the future does still contain a human element, however. It all starts with a database of 13,000 music leadsheets (containing written-out rhythms and notes) from many different composers and styles. The program learns music styles from the giant database before processing and combining them in different ways.

At that point, a human composer enters the picture, selecting a style and melody from a system called FlowComposer. The results can be heard (above) in "Daddy's Car," which was designed to emulate the Beatles. A prior attempt at A.I. composition — this time in the style of Gershwin, Berlin and Ellington — "Mr. Shadow," can be heard here.

"Daddy's Car" is just one track off an A.I. pop album set to be released in 2017.

Read more about the process here.