A Look at Sony's $3,199 Gold-Plated Walkman

Lovers of music and upscale tech can buy the NW-WM1Z in early 2017

In January 2015, Sony announced a high-end music player, the Song Walkman ZX2, which featured a price tag of over $1,000. Over a year later, Sony now revealed an upgrade on the already expensive music player...which also happens to be wrapped in gold. At the end of the day, the Sony Walkman NW-WM1Z will set you back a cool $3,199.

The model is an upgrade over a previous high-end walkman released by Sony last year, the ZX2, with the biggest difference being the gold casing. The device contains 256GB of storage, and supports a variety of audio formats. The product is aimed at audiophiles who seek the best possible listening experience from their portable devices, and presumedly, also love gold. However, Sony will also release a non-gold version for $1,199. Both will be available for purchase early next year.

Check out the official product video above.