Video: Check Out This Parkour-Performing Robot on Wheels

Handle, the latest creation from Boston Dynamic, can also jump over 6 feet off the ground

Robots can do anything these days, from mimic bat-like flight to imitate human interaction, and now the robo-envelope has been pushed even further.

Boston Dynamics, a subsidiary of Google, just released a video of its wheeled Handle robot performing several feats of mobility, including some impressive parkour moves.

The robot, first teased in early February, is named Handle because of its ability to "handle" heavy objects. It features both wheels and legs, a combination which reportedly makes it more efficient than robots relying solely upon legs.

The video showcases Handle's ability to operate in challenging environments, including uphill, on tough terrains, and even on uneven ground. Despite Handle's 6.5-foot frame, it manages to move at nine miles per hour and can jump four feet straight up in the air. The robot can also travel up to 15 miles on electric power.

Check out Handle in action (above).