Sternthology Declassified: Stern Show Secrets Revealed

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Every afternoon on Howard 101, the Stern Show archives are opened up in order to find some of the most memorable moments from the past 30+ years of the Howard Stern Show.

Tune in March 20 to March 24 as Sternthology takes you behind the scenes with "Declassified Week" to reveal some of the most mysterious and intriguing origins of classic moments in Stern Show history. Find out how Gary Dell'Abate got his now-famous nickname, what inspired George Takei's classic "Hey, Boner" sound drop, and how exactly Howard discovered one of the most famous Wack Packers of all time. Sit back and listen closely because you're about to hear how history is made on Sternthology's Declassified Week!

Sternthology lets listeners hear the classic moments mentioned on the live show, as well as make personal requests to hear their favorite Stern Show bits, musical performances, and celebrity interviews.

Hear a brand new episode every weekday starting at 5pm ET and 5pm PT on Howard 101 or on demand on the SiriusXM app and online player. Plus, hear additional episodes all weekend long.

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Friday, March 24