AUDIO: Nine Inch Nails Drops New Song ‘God Break Down the Door’

Track hails from Trent Reznor and company's June 22 record “Bad Witch”

Nearly 20 years after dropping its debut album, “Pretty Hate Machine,” Nine Inch Nails continues blazing trails with the release of its latest track, “God Break Down the Door.”

Released Thursday morning, the new song (above) is a ferocious electro-jazz number with saxophone and synths aplenty. On it, Trent Reznor sings “God break down the door/ You won't find the answers here – not the ones you came looking for.”

“God Break Down the Door” hails from “Bad Witch,” Nine Inch Nails’ forthcoming ninth album and the third and final chapter of a planned trilogy which began with “Not Actual Events” in 2016 and continued with last year’s “Add Violence,” featuring another synth-heavy track in “Less Than.”

Nine Inch Nails’ “Bad Witch” is available June 22. Listen to “God Break Down the Door” (above).