VIDEO: David Spade Reveals Plans to Host His Own Late-Night Comedy Central Show

Stern Show regular’s new series will satirize pop culture and avoid political talk

David Spade is returning to late night.

The actor, comedian, “Saturday Night Live” veteran, and Stern Show regular has revealed plans for an upcoming Comedy Central series focusing on pop culture and possibly featuring his celebrity friends.

“We’re gonna cover everything” he said in a clip announcing the new series. “Pop culture, whatever’s funny, whatever’s stupid, whatever’s dumb. It'll be me and my stupid friends ... this is going to be a great show, people. Don't let me fool you.”

Spade will reportedly take over the 11:30 p.m. time slot previously held by “Daily Show” veterans Jordan Klepper, Larry Wilmore, and Stephen Colbert. But unlike those hosts who specialized in satirizing the political landscape, David has vowed to avoid political discussion at all costs—unless of course fellow Stern Show veteran Cardi B “runs for something,” he joked.

From his recurring “Hollywood Minute” segment on “SNL’s” “Weekend Update” to his previous Comedy Central series “The Showbiz Show,” Spade has certainly proven himself to be a pop culture expert in the past. During his 2018 visits to the Stern Show, he discussed everything from meeting the “Cash Me Outside” girl to Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s high-profile engagement.

Check out David latest sit down with Howard here and watch his the announcement video for his new series (above).