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No one seems to be able to put a finger on Benjy Bronk (and you probably don't want to.) Much of Benjy's past is infamously unknown, especially his birthdate. We do know that Benjy was raised in South Carolina and fell in love with talk radio by listening to it with his mother. He started as an intern on the Stern Show and has been a writer with us ever since. And in true Benjy fashion, he's decided to write his own bio. Read it below:

Benjy grew up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in South Carolina. As a child, Benjy was a competitive hula hooper (SC state Hula Hoop Champ) and performed in a shofar band. Benjy is distractingly and abnormally good-looking, and has been known for that from a very young age, but Benjy has strived to be known for more than having blue eyes and "Bradley Cooperesque" features. Howard loves Benjy so much that he requests Benjy sit within 10 feet of him and they actually share the same air. Sometimes Howard's particles accidentally reach Benjy, improving Benjy's health and spirituality for several days. Benjy has turned down several modeling contracts, preferring to dive deeper into the world of interpretive dance, comedy and music. Benjy can be tweeted @Bronk and he's already tweeting you back as you read this.

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